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City Market


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City Market is a charming 2 block area surrounded by eclectic retail shops, art galleries, nightlife and restaurants.

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  • 2017-10-22

    Walked about

    Purchased item for house reflecting some of the city s history had drinks with locals watched river traffic

  • 2017-10-20

    Nice, but Small

    Very nice, but much smaller than expected. Some literature says it goes for blocks in 2 directions, but it is really all in a small area 2 blocks long, and all on one street. There is not much...

  • 2017-10-19

    The main shopping area downtown - lots to see and do

    Everything you might want can be found at City Market. From shops to restaurants and bars, it's there. Loved it - don't miss it.


  • Cool place to shop but not sure you really get a feel for Savannah here. We did get acquainted with Byrd cookies (BONUS) and the Savannah Candy Company...