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Gallery 209, Inc.


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Beautiful located on River Street, once a cotton storage now houses a variety of artwork sure to delight anyone who visits. Paintings and Photography, some that express the charm of Savannah and others that will just speak to your soul. Pottery and ceramics dance in delight with both color and form. Many of these works can be used in your daily life. A specially crafted bowl or mug will bring the art to your table. Jewelry, oh we can't forget about the jewelry! Every piece is crafted by hand and we have more than a few talented artist. From causal and whimsical to sophisticated and bold, I'm sure there is something that will catch your eye. So when you find yourself strolling along the river, here in charming Savannah, stop in and have a look around. A feast for your eyes, as well as your soul.

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  • 2017-04-14

    Interesting art work

    This was a fun place to view work by local artists. I purchased a lovely set of note cards featuring Savannah locations at a reasonable price.

  • 2017-04-08

    Great collection

    One of the best shops on the riverfront. If you are looking for something other than a tee shirt or food, you need to stop in. They have some exquisite pieces of jewelry. They also have beautiful art...

  • 2016-09-20

    Co op Store different artists

    So many different articles to browse through. It is a co-op of many different artists. Purchased a beautiful necklace, difficult to describe due to the uniquise of it--woven sparling fabrics weaved...


  • Awesome selection (2 floors) of local originals and prints, plates, cups, stained glass and jewelry! We collect paintings from cities we visit and this...