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Haunted History


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Take a Tour

Blue Orb Ghost Tours, America's Most Haunted City Tours, and Sixth Sense Savannah Tours all specialize in the city's haunted heritage. Many tours take place after dark, so sleep in and get ready to set out when the sun goes down.

Explore the Bonaventure Cemetery

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil may have made this cemetery notorious worldwide, but locals have always known there's something spooky about this burial ground. Spend your time looking at the headstones of local luminaries—like composer Johnny Mercer or Pulitzer prize winning poet Conrad Aiken—or look for Little Gracie's grave, a site where locals swear the cherubic statue of a little girl actually cries real tears. Either head out on your own or take a tour, which can allow after-hours access.

Check out a Historic House

The Sorrell Weed House was once the focus of a SyFy channel investigation, and the Davenport House has a four-legged phantom friend—a former owner's long dead cat. See what you can spot by taking a long hard look down the hallways or down the stairwells of other historic homes around town;many have their own legends and stories.



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Explore Tybee Island

Even ghost hunters need some time off. Keep your spotting skills sharp with a dolphin tour, or spend a few hours relaxing on the sand. Before you head back to town, check out the Tybee Light Station, or Fort Pulaski, two well-known haunts for ghost.

Toast the Dearly Departed

A Haunted Pub Crawl gives you a glimpse of the most haunted joints around town. Or see what you can find on your own and unwind with a pint at Moon River Brewing Company, a former hotel where sightings are often noted.



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Dinner at the 17 Hundred Ninety Restaurant

Yes, the 17 Hundred 90 Restaurant name references its' construction date, and legend has it a ghost named Anna haunts the building. What's also legendary? The cuisine, which has Savannah-style staples like a Fried Green Tomato BLT for lunch and local seafood catches for dinner.

Drinks at the Distillery

During its' 2008 construction, musket balls, dishware, pipes, bottles, and even bones were unearthed at the site of this beer bar and restaurant. Have a drink from one of the 21 craft beers on tap, enjoy a sandwich or burger, and wonder what else might be lurking underneath the ground beneath your feet at The Distillery.

Dinner at The Olde Pink House

Well known for its' distinctive color (due to a fire that caused a chemical reaction between the brick wall and whitewashed exterior), The Olde Pink House restaurant is also well known for its' ghost population. Sit in the main dining room or head down the stairs and eat in the low-ceilinged former slave quarters, where flickering candles against the dark walls make you feel like you're in a different time … and may just entice some confused wayward spirits.


Olde Pink House