LGBT Nightlife in Savannah

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You'll see plenty of people out with to-go cups in hand on W. Congress Street, a popular place for Savannah's nightlife.

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When the sun goes down in Savannah, the fun begins! This city is truly the younger, hipper cousin of Atlanta with so much to offer LGBT travelers. Savannah is known for being an eccentric town full of open-minded people and its also home to an eclectic nightlife scene to match. There is definitely something for everyone in this happening town and plenty for the LGBT traveler to discover through Savannah nightlife. 

Strolling down River Street is a must-do for any LGBT traveler to the city hoping to explore Savannah’s nightlife. This street runs parallel to the Savannah River and offers lovely views of ships passing by as well as quite a few historic buildings. It’s also where you’ll find a large diversity of LGBT-owned and LGBT-friendly businesses including restaurants and shops as well as a large portion of Savannah’s nightlife. 

Chuck's Bar is a River Street hangout that is LGBT-friendly. Photo by José Harvey.

One of the things that makes Savannah nightlife so unique is its public drinking laws. SPOILER: You can totally drink on the street! That’s because the State of Georgia has no state public open container law so the city law governs. This means bar hopping and exploring Savannah nightlife is even more fun because you can carry your open drink anywhere within the Historic District (between River Street to Jones Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to West Broad Street). So, the party doesn’t have to stop in Savannah!

Artillery is known for its chic style and incredible craft cocktails. Photo by José Harvey.

Start out your night with cocktails at Artillery, one of Savannah’s best speakeasies. If you’re looking for a nice place to grab dinner, head to River Street at the chic Rocks on the Roof. This swanky restaurant offers American faire in a roof-top setting, and who doesn’t like a good roof top? Afterward, hop over to Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub for some live Irish folk music and round out your night by stopping in at Chuck’s Bar for some no fuss cocktails a little karaoke, if you dare. Chuck’s Bar prides itself on being LGBT-friendly, embracing diversity, offering affordable drinks, and having a friendly staff. 

Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos has been Savannah's party headquarters since 2000. Photo by José Harvey.

But to be fair, most businesses in Savannah are LGBT-friendly. Attitudes towards LGBT people and diversity in this town are extremely open and accepting. In fact, you won’t find many gay bars in this town -- and that isn’t because LGBT people are shunned or anything. LGBT people in Savannah feel no need to frequent gay bars because of the welcoming attitudes encountered at all bars and nightlife facilities in the city. You can go to any bar, as an LGBT traveler, and rest assured you will be treated and respected the same as any other patron. 

Savannah after dark offers a nightlife scene that is as eclectic as the city itself. Within the Savannah nightlife scene, you’ll discover high-end cocktail bars, relaxed pubs, lively dance clubs, live music and even some secret late-night hotspots. All of this is centrally located in the Historic District and is perfect for the LGBT traveler. There’s a flavor for everyone in Savannah. Now, you just have to plan your trip so you can discover all this for yourself.  

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José Harvey is a the founder of My Normal Gay Life, a LGBT+ travel blog. José's mission is to travel the world while serving as a representative for the LGBT+ Community. José shares his stories, experiences, travel tips, and tricks to both inspire and encourage everyone to travel regardless of their identity. Check out his blog here.

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