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Outdoor Dining in Savannah

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Moon River Brewing Company has the perfect beer garden for patio dining!

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Outdoor dining in Savannah is a big reason why so many visitors continue to come back! When the day is far too beautiful to be spent indoors, opt for any one of these restaurants for outdoor dining in Savannah! 

Vic’s on the River

Vic’s on the River is a Savannah favorite. This popular River Street restaurant offers classic Southern cusiine, beautiful views, live music, and an outdoor dining area for guests to wine and dine. Their coffee bar features a variety of options as well as the opportunity to “booze it up,” and their menu is a mix of Southern classics and fresh seafood. 

Moon River Brewing Company 

Beer lovers, come check out this 5,400-square-foot beer garden! In addition to the lengthy list of housemade beers, Moon River Brewing Company's also has a full menu. Build your own burger and try a new beer!

Treylor Park

Although guests can opt for the standard indoor seating, it’s worth the wait if you can snag a seat outdoors in Treylor Park’s beer garden. This funky restaurant's motto is "quality over quantity”, which stretches to include their specialty cocktails, beers, and creative menu items.

Enjoy the sights of River Street at Tubby's! 

Tubby’s Seafood River Street 

If you came to Savannah in search of seafood straight from the ocean, then you need to try Tubby’s Seafood on River Street. Every kind of fish dish possible seems to be on their menu; plus, you get to take in the view of River Street as you eat!

The Public Kitchen & Bar

With brunch, lunch, dinner, and drinks options, The Public Kitchen & Bar is a great place to go for any number of reasons. Another farm-to-table type in Savannah with stunning patio dining, this restaurant serves seafood, 100% grass-fed beef burgers, and even has a kid’s menu for the youngest of diners. 

If you're looking for fresh Italian food with a Southern twist, make your way to Cha Bella.

Cha Bella Grill

Cha Bella Grill is the epitome of the farm-to-table concept. Their menu focuses on the seasonal and organic, so the options change quite often (which means if you’re a repeat customer, you’ll probably end up with enough options to never eat the same thing twice!). 

Blowin' Smoke Southern Cantina

For a slightly different flavor than the rest of the restaurants on this list, try Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina. You’ll still get their version of patio dining, but you’ll also be treated to pecan-smoked BBQ and Southwestern fare. 

Head to Belford's Savannah Seafood & Steaks for patio dining at City Market.

Belford's Savannah Seafood and Steaks

If you're looking for an upscale seafood experience, check out Belford’s Savannah Seafood & Steaks. Their menu is the ultimate combination of surf and turf, and their outdoor seating area overlooks Savannah's famous City Market. 

Outdoor dining in Savannah is popular with both locals and visitors! Grab some great food, an ice cold cocktail, and enjoy the scenic views. There's nothing quite like outdoor dining in Savannah!

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