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Reasons to Visit Savannah in the Winter

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During Savannah's winter season, some days you’re wearing t-shirts, while others you’re bundled in layers of warm clothing. Winter is also a quieter season, so Savannah's visitors can really get a glimpse of how the locals live. Here’s why we think you should visit Savannah during the winter!

Many of the events mentioned in this article have been impacted by COVID-19. For the most up-to-date information regarding Savannah's seasonal events, click here

Savannah Bridge Run

Winter Races

For marathon athletes and regular runners alike, Savannah’s events combine brisk winter weather with our beautiful sights and squares. Run along gorgeous courses that wind through our historic streets as well as Forsyth and Daffin Parks. Some races include the Savannah Bridge Run and the Critz Run Fest.

Ice Skating

The epitome of winter activities is ice skating, and just because Savannah happens to be located in the South (and near the ocean) doesn’t mean visitors can’t enjoy the simple pleasure of an afternoon on the ice. Each year, Savannah’s Civic Center turns their arena into a giant ice rink! Whether you’re a professional skater or a tad wobbly in skates, you’re bound to have fun with family and friends.   

Savannah Tire Hockey Classic

Watch a Regional Hockey Classic

Every January, the Civic Center also hosts the Savannah Tire Hockey Classic. Hockey enthusiasts and visitors looking for an evening of sports can watch regional rivals compete for two nights!

Savannah Winter Festivals

As we’ve mentioned before, one of Savannah’s best kept secrets is all the interesting festivals that happen each year. During the winter, appreciate all things film and learn a little something too with either the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival. There’s also the Savannah Book Festival, one of the city’s more well-known events. The number of festival-goers increases each year as well as the incredible authors and emerging writers that come to share their work.

Candlelight at The Davenport House

Go on a House Tour

If the weather is a little too cold for comfort, go on a few house tours around the city. Savannah is home is numerous mansions that have been converted into museums, filled with period pieces and tales of the past owners. Marvel at the unique meeting of the beginning of Savannah with the customs and architecture of the times. Some of our favorite spots include The Davenport House Museum, The Harper Fowlkes House, The Owens-Thomas House and The Andrew Low House.

Holiday Celebrations

Lastly, a great reason to visit Savannah in the winter is to enjoy the holiday season. River Street celebrates Christmas with live music, booths with filled with festive goodies and the family-favorite Lighted Christmas Parade. If you’re in Savannah during the tail-end of December, welcome in the New Year on River Street with a stunning display of fireworks!

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