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Rock Music, Axe Throwing & Bonaventure Cemetery

Concerts / Food Event / Nightlife / Sports Event
Oct 9, 2021

What does Rock Music, Axe Throwing & Bonaventure have to do with one another? Generally nothing except on one night where you can do two of those 3 things and Bonaventure same weekend or future return! 3 Bands 1 Night at Southbound Brewery w/10% off of Blade & Bull axe lanes and all attendees receive Bonaventure Cemetery tour tickets w/Shannon Scott conducting a special tour on Sunday, October 10th at 2 p.m.!

Candy Opera: Savannah-based creation of long time native (son of Savannah’s greatest jazz musician, Ken Palmer), Phillip Polk Palmer (Port City Blues) who’s crooner crew like a musical succubus, has siphoned from the low country lands, a dark, surreal film noir sound enveloped in a bluesy veil that will set the tone for this show and give the whole thing Savannah street and swamp credentials!

Openers Rose Garden Funeral Party, a trio hailing from Texas is often branded as Texas Goth Rock or “post-punk,” all of which may be true, but this tight pyramid of players consisting of lead singer, Leah Lane, bassist Will Farrier and drummer Dylan Stamas is an explosive collaboration of well-heeled minstrels that have refined said “goth” or “post-punk” sound to a new level of stone driving rock! And vocalist beauty Leah Lane both during raucous rants and love ballads makes one wonder if The Motel’s Martha Davis and David Bowie had a love child where Joan Jett was godmother and Siouxsie Sioux part-time au pair? This is the band to watch and you get to say you were there early on the launchpad taking in their rocket launch and grooving on the fumes!

Feature Act, Chicago's own The Bellewether Syndicate, band of a decade and household name to those who recognize underground, Goth and darker poet rock royalty. In this case, the new House is comprised of William Faith (Christian Death, Mephisto Waltz, Shadow Project) of celebrated Faith And Muse and counterpart, long time beloved Chicago DJ host of Nocturna, Sarah “Scary Lady Sarah” Faith. Sarah has DJ’d the famed Convergence festival multiple times along with Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, the largest Goth festival in the world. Together with Paul Sin (bass) and Philly Peroxide (keyboards/percussion) and Stevyn Grey (drums), this collection proves that musicians evolve sound and genre making them more relative and of the times than ever!


Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia, United States of America

107 E Lathrop ave
Savannah, GA 31415
Event Times
From: 08:00 PM to 11:59 PM

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