"Rodin: The Human Experience" is an Exhibit Worth the Trip

Rodin: The Human Experience at the Jepson Center.

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The Jepson Center’s current exhibit is one not to be missed! On display through January 7, Rodin: The Human Experience brings to Savannah a selection of sculptures by Auguste Rodin, who, at the peak of his career, was regarded as the greatest sculptor since Michelangelo. 

Rodin: The Human Experience showcases the artist’s genius through a selection of 32 figures in bronze that span his long and remarkable career. 

Rodin: The Human Experience at the Jepson Center for the Arts.

The works at the Jepson Center are depictions of the human figure and the human experience. Rodin puts a twist on traditional poses and gestures, and often features single body parts, like a torso or a hand, as a complete work. Rodin revolutionized the art of sculpture by conveying extreme psychological states, thus creating his own form of artistic expression.

Stylistically, Rodin’s works have qualities that make them look as though they are from Greece or Rome. Unlike sculptors of his time, Rodin didn’t want to copy the human body exactly, but instead wanted to show the human body going through movement or emotion. The bronze sculptures at the exhibit are mighty in size, some weighing up to 700 pounds.

One of the more noteworthy points of interest at the exhibit are works from Rodin’s “The Gates of Hell”, a commissioned project that launched Rodin into mainstream success in the 1880s. “The Gates of Hell” is considered by many to be Rodin’s masterpiece.

Rodin: The Human Experience at the Jepson Center.

Today, Rodin’s pioneering sculpture is seen as a crucial link between traditional and modern art. 

Rodin: The Human Experience is a self-guided exhibit and has plenty of detailed information and readings throughout. For those who want a little more information, the Jepson Center provides docent-led tours weekdays at 2 p.m.  

This year marks the centennial of Rodin’s death, and Telfair Museums joins with museums around the world to honor the anniversary with exhibitions and educational programs.

For more information on the Jepson Center for the Arts or Rodin: The Human Experience, check out their website

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