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The Savannah Irish Festival

Festivals / Outdoor Event
Feb 5, 2022

On behalf of the Savannah Irish Festival committee we truly hope you had a wonderful summer. And, we would like to thank all of you who have come out to support our various fundraising events thus far in 2021! And, we hope to see you at the other events planned for the rest of the year.

As the fall season greets us, the Savannah Irish Festival is back at it planning for the 2022 event.

The Savannah Irish Festival has decided to scale down the event from a two day festival to a one day festival. Additionally we have moved the event from the second weekend of February to the first weekend of February.

Our program for 2022 will be scaled down from an 8.5x11 to a 5x7.

As we make changes to The Savannah Irish Festival, a 28 year old Savannah tradition, we ask that you continue to support us.

The Savannah Irish Festival is always looking for committee members with new and exciting ideas. Ask us today how you can contribute.

P.O Box 45182

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