5 Cozy Tea Time Spots in Savannah

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Gryphon Tea Room. Photo Courtesy of SCAD.

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There's nothing like taking a tea break to slow down and cozy up during your Savannah getaway. Take a look at the best spots for teatime in Savannah.


Gryphon Tea Room

Gryphon Tea Room. Photo Courtesy of Emily Goldman.

This quiet and quaint tearoom is the ultimate tea party destination for any expert tea drinker. You’ll be surrounded by mahogany bookcases and stained glass while being served fragrant teas from proper kettles. There are plenty of snack options for sharing – like teacakes, fresh biscuits and tasty finger sandwiches. Owned by SCAD, the Gryphon Tea Room is full of current or former SCAD students, giving a youthful vibe to a traditional tearoom.


Pie Society

Pie Society

Pie Society brings traditional British baking to Savannah! Their popular afternoon tea offerings include shortbread, homemade Bakewell tarts, quiche, assorted cakes, fruit scones with fresh cream and jam, English bread and, of course, hot tea!


Gallery Espresso

Art and tea go together like peas and carrots, which is why Gallery Espresso is the perfect getaway for tea time. Although a gallery and coffee house, Gallery Espresso has a large tea drinker customer base, so they keep the place stocked with over 100 teas by the cup. Not sure which tea is right for your taste? The managers at Gallery are tea experts – they frequent the World Tea Expo to stay knowledgeable of all tea trends. Located right by Chippewa Square, it’s easy to stick around and try a tea (or two… or 100).


Collins Quarter

Styled after Melbourne’s historic Collins Street, this restaurant and coffee room brings an Australian vibe to Savannah. Sip tea from a classic tea pot at their large wooden community table or grab a cup to go at the walk-up window. The Collins Quarter is known to have celebrity sightings. Actors like Sophia Vergara, Joe Manganiello and Channing Tatum have all visited the sleek, white coffee bar (most likely to sip tea).


Savannah Tea Room

The Savannah Tea Room

Located inside E. Shaver Booksellers, the Savannah Tea Room offers a wide selection of teas, teaware, edibles and gifts. Stop by this quaint shop to stock up on all of your tea needs or just to sip a warm cup in a cozy bookstore! 

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