5 Reasons Why 24e Design Co. is Called the 'Coolest Store in Savannah'


Since 2000, 24e Design Co. has been making Savannah cooler. This home interior and furnishings store is two levels of design heaven, carrying original pieces made right here in Savannah. 24e Design Co. is jam-packed with both traditional and contemporary homewares ranging from colorful couches to artfully decommissioned airplane parts. 

24e puts the ‘fun’ in functional

Step inside 24e Design Co. on any day and you’ll be amazed at the colorful, quirky and intriguing decor inside. From funky light fixtures to retro bar stools, you’ll find the perfect conversation piece for your humble abode.

No matter your style, you’ll find something you love

Whether your style is sleek and modern or earthy and rustic, 24e Design Co. truly has something for everyone. Take a look around the store and marvel at the eye-catching details and delightful artwork. You’ll be inspired to spruce up your home’s interior!

You can ship items back home

Live outside of Savannah? No problem! 24e Design Co. specializes in shipping, and they can ship even the largest pieces to your front door no matter the distance.

The staff knows their stuff

Not sure where to start? Ask 24e Design Co.’s staff, most of whom are students and graduates of the Savannah College of Art and Design and many of whom are interior designers. The knowledgeable, creative staff can help you pick out the piece of your dreams.

There’s no place like it

24e Design Co. has the perfect combination of carefully curated furniture from around the world as well as designs made right here in Savannah. Not only does 24e Design Co. sell items, but you can also hire the staff as personal interior designers to create and implement the perfect look for your home or business.

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