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6 Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours

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Thrill seekers around the nation head to Savannah to catch site of paranormal activity – Savannah is America’s most haunted city! So if you’re hoping to have a vacation filled with fun and frights, then Savannah’s your spot.  One of the best ways to experience Savannah’s spooky side is by going on one of the city’s many ghost tours. If you’re not afraid of a little paranormal activity, add these terrifying tours to your itinerary this season.


Savannah Ghost Encounter

Genteel & Bard Savannah Ghost Encounter

Experience an evening of thrills and chills on Genteel & Bard's Savannah Ghost Encounter tour. Your guide, T.C., will navigate you through some of Savannah's most haunted locations including the Sorrel-Weed House, Madison Square, Colonial Park Cemetery, 12 Oglethorpe Ave., and more. Your guide also wears a mic so you can hear him loud and clear through your complimentary earbuds and advanced wireless receivers.


Hearse Ghost Tours

Hearse Ghost Tours offers ghost hunters the unique opportunity to tour Savannah’s strangest sites via funeral hearse. It’s that special touch of eerie detail that sets this tour apart from the rest. Traverse the streets of the Historic and Victorian Districts in style as the informative guides share shocking stories of Savannah’s morbid past.

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Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl

For those who prefer a little liquid courage with their nightly fright, get your tickets for the Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl. Join the knowledgeable guides of Cobblestone Tours for this 21+ walking tour of Savannah’s haunted pubs, bars and alehouses. Spend two hours getting to know both varieties of Savannah’s spirits. It’s sure to be a hauntingly good time!


Bonaventure Cemetery Tours

Join the guides of Bonaventure Cemetery Tours for an evening stroll through Bonaventure Cemetery. The beautiful Southern Gothic marvel is one of Savannah’s most celebrated sites. Duly, it’s quite popular among both the living and the dead. Learn about the important figures buried in Bonaventure and more. 


Grave Encounters Trolley Tour

Explore the haunted streets of Savannah with the help of Old Savannah Tours. Their two-hour evening trolley tour will introduce you to some of Savannah’s most famous spirits. They will even take you inside some of Savannah’s most haunted spots – including the rum cellar at The Pirate’s House.



If you seek ceremony, mystery, romance and enchantment, and spooky stories of Savannah's past, book a tour with ANDERSON In SAVANNAH. The founder of ANDERSON In SAVANNAH certainly knows a thing or two about Savannah's ghosts - he's been hosting ghost tours in Savannah since 1982! Aside from ghost walks, ANDERSON In SAVANNAH also hosts history, architecture and Civil War walks throughout Savannah.

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