Architectural Tours of Savannah

Oglethorpe Square, Savannah, GA 31401

Located in Historic Landmark District

Architectural Tours of Savannah
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The standard tour is a 90 minute walk presented as a narrative timeline starting with the oldest buildings and ending with the newest. All the major style & period changes are discussed and heavy emphasis is placed on Savannah's history.

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DMFL717 | Nov 20, 2022
“Entertaining and Educational view of Savannah history and architecture”

From the informal greeting in Oglethorpe Square through a great morning walking tour, Jonathan kept us entertained and informed as he talked about the important buildings in the area and who and what...

MNPurvis | Oct 24, 2022
“Wonderful architectural tour with an expert!”

We really enjoyed Jonathon's tour. He takes you from the earliest remaining buildings to the present in an easy to follow history lesson. He touches on the significant buildings, and the lesser...

Voyager04755684860 | Oct 10, 2022
“Wonderful tour of Savannah”

Jonathan’s tour was a great, concise yet informative tour of the history and architecture of Savannah. Would highly recommend this tour for those looking to get an understanding of the layout...