Savannah African Art Museum

201 E. 37th St, Savannah, GA 31401

Located in Historic Landmark District

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The Savannah African Art Museum holds a collection of over 1000 objects that hail from West and Central Africa. Prior to the Museum’s founding in late 2016 this collection formed over the last 30 years by Mr. Don Kole, a Savannah businessman, private collector, and founder of the Savannah African Art Museum. Mr. Kole’s collection of African art showcases a range of ceremonial and spiritual objects from the 19th and 20th centuries made from ceramics, metal, and wood. These powerful objects hold origins throughout West and Central Africa, representing 22 countries and over 130 individual cultures and ethnic groups. The diverse range of objects represented bisects the entire continent of Africa spanning as far west as Guinea and as far east as Tanzania.

The Savannah African Art Museum and Mr. Kole are still actively collecting works from West and Central Africa that serve the museum’s mission of education while continuing to fill in gaps within the collection itself. While no works are purchased physically in West and Central Africa by Mr. Kole, the Savannah African Art Museum works with two West African born United States citizens who negotiate with individual communities and cultural ethnic groups in Africa to obtain objects on a commissioned rate. This allows for the money used in purchasing of objects to return to the community to which they are native.

The Savannah African Art Museum’s mission as a non-profit institution is to focus on the introduction and education on the art and culture of West and Central Africa. Our aim is to provide an engaging experience and to start conversations about the power, diversity, and spirituality of African Art to all audiences.

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forbenjoy | Dec 5, 2019
“Excellent collection of African art”

This museum has a fine collection of more than 1000 works of art. There are fabrics, masks, metal and wooden sculptures, ceremonial objects.....and more. Our guide Edwin provided a wealth of...

brianfO6943AE | Aug 12, 2019
“A hidden gem”

Individual/small tour given every half hour lasting 60-90 minutes. House is filled with someone’s private collections and admission is free (I’d recommend bring some cash for a donation though...

gentlearts | Jul 12, 2019
“A beautiful collection in a lovely setting”

Housed in a lovely big restored house, with parking, the museum contains a huge collection of items from different African countries...bronze and brass sculptures, beaded items, textiles, masks and...

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Danielle P. | Dec 3, 2019

This was a great find while visiting Savannah on a early Saturday morning. Make sure you check the time, they do have plenty of free parking. They are not...

Drew P. | Nov 11, 2019

This was probably the best museum of African American artwork in the USA. I stopped by this museum on Saturday morning to check it out for myself, and I...

Mike W. | May 17, 2019

As Jennie H. on here said, "phenomenal". Seriously. The museum is housed in an old house in a slightly out-of-the-way part of town (though not really that...