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The Parker Companies

222 Drayton Street, Parkers Market Urban Gourmet, Savannah, GA 31401

Located in Historic Landmark District

The Parker's Companies
Specialty Food
Info & Amenities

The Parker Companies provides a premium shopping experience in a safe, friendly and convenient environment while selling guaranteed fuels and quality products at competitive prices.

TripAdvisor® Reviews
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
TennaRotor | Feb 26, 2019
“Great place for take away”

After eating out the last 5 meals in a row we needed a break and found this market for takeout lunch. Don’t get me wrong we love food and have had some great meals but I just needed to need be...

gordond434 | Feb 12, 2019
“Something different”

This is a really nice place to visit with a nice selection of food mainly to go with a lot of wines to choose from. They even have gifts.

ExecutiveNomad | Feb 3, 2019
“The Place to Go for Food on the Go”

This is two steps above a "convenience" store. The chicken tenders are fresh and remarkably light. The coffee is ground fresh for each cup. The selection of wines is remarkably good. I stayed nearby...