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Tours in Savannah You Need to Try

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Tours in Savannah are one of the top reasons to visit! Whether you’re interested in art, history, culture or the great outdoors, there are plenty of other ways to experience tours in Savannah! 

Walking tours

Whether you want self-guided or a group gig, walking tours give you the opportunity to experience the city a slower pace. Private Walking Tours of Savannah allow you to do just that: take in Savannah at your own rate and in your own way. Go on a guided walk and talk with Architectural Tours of Savannah, a tour company that guides you through Savannah's fascinating and historic architecture. Walking ghost tours are also quite popular, such as through Ghost Talk Ghost Walk

The whole family will love exploring the Georgia coast with Sundial Charters!

Boat tours

Touring the Savannah River Savannah Riverboat Cruises is another relaxing way to take in Savannah's scenic views. But a riverboat cruise allows you to see the city in a different way, as it’s not often that you get to view the buildings and cobblestone of River Street from the water. Looking for a different kind of tour in Savannah? Head over to Tybee Island, Savannah's beach, to explore Georgia's coast with Sundial Charters!

Bike tours

The biking category of tours is actually expansive. Naturally, you have your traditional bike experience, which involves you putting in the work while taking in the city. But there’s also an e-bike option, such as what’s offered by Adventure Tours in Motion. E-bikes are environmentally friendly and are fully powered by a battery and motor (no leg work needed!).

Peddling with a large group? Why not peddle on a 15-person bicycle? That's right! Savannah Slow Ride offers a variety of 15-person bike tours (100% pedal-powered) through the city. Grab your drink, turn on your favorite tunes and prepare for a party wheels!

See the city on wheels with Segway Tours of Savannah!

Segway tours

Segways are a thing of the future, so it’s only natural that Savannah companies, like Segway of Savannah/Savannah Glides, would jump on board with the trend and offer visitors a new and unique way to view the Savannah's Historic District, stunning squares, and ancient architecture. Tours in Savannah can be quite creative!

Hearse tours

Taking a hearse tour is probably the most unconventional tours in Savannah; however, it’s also truly iconic! Hearse Ghost Ride Tours has hearses that were used for over 15 years by funeral parlors. The aesthetic combined with haunted sights and spooky tales makes a hearse tour one of the best ways to learn about Savannah’s haunting past. 

Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah.

Trolley tours

No matter the type of tour—ghost, history, or sightseeing—trolleys can be found slowly weaving their way through the Historic District most of the day every day. Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah are the iconic garden green and bright orange machines taking locals and visitors alike around the city.  Hop on a fascinating tour with Old Savannah Tours, the classic white trolley, to see costumed characters join your ride.

Pub Crawls 

A list of tours in Savannah wouldn't be compelte if we didn’t mention pub crawl tours! For the 21-and-over crowd, rally your friends and enjoy an evening of drinks, ghost stories, and haunted pubs. Be sure to check out Nightly Spirits for a pub crawl that your whole group will love!

Tours in Savannah are a great way to experience the city! Whether you want to learn about art, architecture, history or even ghosts, there's a tour in Savannah that will highlight your interests. Check out even more tours in Savannah here.

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